Date #3 – The Neverending Date, Part 7

Somewhere in between date #1 and date #2 – it’s kind of a blur – we have an IM exchange about who’s chasing who. Because, Date #3 says, it’s really great to have me chasing him.

Excuse me, what? I say. I’m not sure chasing is the word I’d use.

He says, Would it be so bad if you chased me?

No, I think, but it is bad if I do it in your mind.

I try to talk a bit and explain how it is but it’s almost impossible to get a word in edgewise. Every time I say something he keeps replying, sounding like he knows everything, like a pop psychology book.

He fills every available space with words.

I finally tell him to be quiet and let me finish.

He does, but as soon as I finish that one thought, the space is completely full again.


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